Why Netflix is competing with Disney, Amazon and Apple | FT

Why Netflix is competing with Disney, Amazon and Apple | FT

Netflix spearheaded a streaming revolution that changed the way we watch TV and films as cable TV lost subscribers Netflix gained them Netflix first invaded us living rooms with video streaming in 2007 but it would take six more years before it made a big splash with its own shows the company paid a.

Hundred million dollars for two seasons of political thriller house of cards it put Netflix on the map with both audiences and Hollywood the company now spends more than 70 percent of revenues on content but this has led to its long-term debt growing considerably Netflix projects it will spend 3.5 billion dollars more than it will.

Generate in cash in 2019 meanwhile rival streaming services such as Hulu Amazon and Apple have become more aggressive in acquiring content and after years of false starts Apple is planning to launch its own streaming service in November as is Disney this has cast doubt over whether Netflix is as invincible as it previously seemed the california-based.

Company added 6.8 million subscribers globally for the third quarter this was below its guidance of 7 million it also follows a worrying second quarter the company lost 126 thousand subscribers in the u.s. this was the first drop in its call market since 2011 Netflix is currently valued at 120 billion dollars Wall Street is now seeking evidence as.

To whether this quarterly miss was a blip or a trend youWhy Netflix is competing with Disney, Amazon and Apple | FT

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