Truck driving companies that hire sex offenders in Hartford

Get paid in the mailbox. At Successful Release, we contact companies directly to find out their policy for hiring former felons. Also, is he wanting to do O-T-R or something more local? If so, the trucking industry could be perfect for you. But I have no idea if OTR is out of the question because I have no idea what legal restraints he may or may not have.

Those who have been convicted of a sex crime are also typically prohibited from truck driving companies that hire sex offenders in Hartford employment in a business located in any of those areas. February 14, at pm. Most employers who do a background check may not see a crime listed past years, but sex offender registries usually list public datawell past those thresholds.

If this is available, it would certainly be helpful to clean up a criminal record. One person even said there was 1 or 2 states that required you to put a placard on the outside of the rig door that said "sex offender. Some fair points indeed. Until there is more restriction on public usage and abuse of registry information, the road to employment for sex offenders will be long and hard.

While every state is different, the restrictions existing are very similar, and prohibit working with children. What they fail to think about is, what circumstances lead to this.

Просто truck driving companies that hire sex offenders in Hartford

Eunice Dixon September 20, He cannot find a job and has to check with his position before he can except one. He is looking for an over night warehouse job, as he has a day job. I am a registered sex offender and I have an interview with Firestone. Some will not hire felons at all, while some will require a specific amount of time to have passed since the felony occurred.

I have been working with Labor Ready off and on for the past 3 years. No license. Learn more and apply here:. I messed around with a girl who I had just met at a bonfire party and found out she was 13 one year later when her school counselor found out and charged me with attempted touching due to the age difference.

Southern Refrigerated Transport:.

Truck driving companies that hire sex offenders in Hartford

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  • Mar 19,  · For sex offenders, it may be nearly impossible to find a job after serving the sentence. Many companies aren’t willing to put their customers at risk by employing sex offenders. However, since trucking jobs don’t involve much communication with others, sex offenders are much more likely to be hired by trucking companies than by others.. But which are the trucking companies that hire sex. Truck driving is ideal for felons looking for a situation like this. Driving trucks is an option for many ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs. I know many registered sex-offenders who are driving trucks. The challenge is to find a company that will offer you an opportunity. Here is a list of companies, some of which will hire ex-offenders.
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  • Jul 05,  · Read also: Trucking Companies That Hire Sex Offenders. Keep in mind that a multitude of factors are at play when it comes to your chances of getting hired, these include the age of your felony, your driving record, work history, and more. Just make sure to be completely transparent and honest when writing your application. Some areas that sex offenders may be able to get a job include: Truck Driving. There are a number of truck driving jobs available with companies that are willing to hire felons with a sex offense. It’s generally recommended to attend a school to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) first, which is required for most truck driving jobs.
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  • Find all your employment resources for sex offenders in one place. Jobs that hire Sex Offenders COMPANIES THAT HAVE HIRED FELONS AND SEX OFFENDERS. Anderson Trucking Services, Inc. Builders Transportation Co., LLC Colorado Resources · Connecticut Resources · Delaware Resources · Florida. SMALL BUSINESS THAT MAY HIRE YOU. Lawn care; Welding; Truck Driving; Delivery; Painting; Heating & Cooling; Roofing & Siding.
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  • Lists of trucking companies who will or will not hire CDL drivers with felony substance, or registered sex offenders will not be considered. One of my mentees named Lee T. wants to get a job driving. Perhaps try some reading here if you get a chance: Trucking Companies That Will Hire Felons.
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  • Jun 09,  · I will be graduating trucking school in July and nee a company that will take a sex offender. Along with that I have a 5 years old criminal past and DUI 5 yeas old. I love trucking and will be a great employee to the company that will give me a chance. Please let me know if you know of any companies. Truck driving companies who hire sex offenders. I would like to know if anyone knows of a trucking company who is willing to hire someone who has been convicted of a sex crime Every company has its own policies regarding hiring felons and/or sex offenders. Many if them do not and it isn't the companies' fault.
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