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The country with whom our identity is connected, Do you know what’s the future of that country? The things happening today and the things that will happen will have a massive impact on you. Upcoming next 10 years are very important for our Nation – Bharat. The question is why am I telling you all this? So the answer is hidden in our country’s Demographic Dividend. Did you know more than 60% of our population is youth? And till 2030, this would be at the peak. So the question is what’s going to get changed in 2030?.

What is going to happen that will benefit us? So after analyzing India’s today’s condition, previous years’ progress and ongoing projects, We will know What will be Future of India? This video is brought to you by Bajaj Finserv Health, about which we will talk later in this video. In 2020, India was affected by Covid. And its effect is seen today also. But our Nation will completely get recovered from this situation after some years. Covid’s effect will decrease and everything will become normal. And from here actually, things will change for our country.

And in the next 10 years, one thing you will definitely see – Bullet Trains. Indian Government has already started working on Bullet Train project. It will start from Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed route. And slowly slowly, these high-speed trains made from Japanese Technology will connect many states of our country. It used to take 16-24 hrs from Delhi to Mumbai, which will then become of only 2-3 hrs. And seeing the speed at which metro lines are developing in our country, we can say every city will be connected by Metro. This will save people’s time as well as money. And one upcoming thing will blow your mind. It is METRINO.

It is one type of air taxi which will run electrically on air-rail like trolleys without any driver. Just you have to call them from app, and then using this you can travel anywhere in your city. In the future our country – India will become the world’s most populated country. I know after listening this, one question will be coming to you mind that If the population will increase then what about Poverty, it will also increase. Well this is not the case. Till 2030, 80% of our population will belong to middle class income group. Still, some people will be poor but by the support they will be shifted to middle class. But still, if we see India’s present condition, we need to hyper-focus on these 3 sectors.

1) Small Businesses You will get shocked to know that in China there are more than 3.5 Crs small business units. But do you know how many are in India? 7 Crs small business units. But there’s a big twist. China’s 3.5 Crs unit contributes in 60% of their GDP but India’s 7 Crs MSMEs contribution in our GDP is hardly 30%. B’coz for large businesses there are banks, financial institutions and consultancies are always available. But very less people empower small or middle-level businesses.

Our Government has introduced many new schemes to support MSMEs. And Government is slowly increasing its support towards them. 2) Infrastructure Any country’s backbone is its Infrastructure. It takes half time for that nation to become developed which has good infrastructure. From businesses to common man, every one gets benefit of good infrastructure. To develop good infrastructure fast, Government has invested in Bullet train projects, Smart City Projects, Metro lines, and Highway construction. So by 2030, Infrastructure become so strong that everything is well connected. 3) and most important sector – HealthCare.

India is doing very well in healthcare. But still, we are behind many countries in healthcare. And all came to know how behind we are during Covid19’s Second Wave. There were neither beds nor oxygen cylinders. And not enough doctors to treat everyone. Most importantly, today also many people don’t treat health as a priority but as an option. Due to this if a family has some health-related problems, they face lots of issues. And if we gave priority to health we won’t face these issues. DO you know today also when people in our country need healthcare,.

70% do not take good health treatment due to less money or worrying about bills. And we need to change this thing together. In past, It was Okay if we didn’t paid attention to health. B’coz at that time there was less pollution and no adulteration. And they were not living a sedentary lifestyle. But now everything has changed. And to take healthcare ahead, Bajaj Finserv Health has launched Aarogya Health Care plans for you. This plan provides you with a complete health cover. Let me tell you some unique features of this plan.

1) This plan covers your regular health fees. Like in clinic doctor consultation. That means if you are going to the doctor for consultation, then that expenses are also covered in this plan. If you are taking tele, video consultations, they are also covered in this plan. And this thing is not for only some diseases but for all diseases. If the doctor told you to do some lab tests, then that expense is also covered in this cover. Infact purchase of medicines, hospital’s room rent and for many things you get network discounts. With this many things, it also provides a health insurance cover. And the best thing is, Aarogya’s HealthCare plans are available for just 492 Rs/ month on 0% EMI.

If you want to know more about Aarogya’s HealthCare plan and get information then Link In The Description. But you know what’s the most interesting thing? There is one thing that will create many opportunities in India. The thing is Mobile Phones. Today India’s population is 140 Crs. And there are only 60 Crs mobile users in India. And till 2025 it will become 90 Crs and till 2030, it will become 120 Crs users. And then our country will have most mobile phone users. So think if someone wants to do business, then it’s so big opportunity for him.

Upcoming time is not of manufacturing or consulting but of EdTech, E Commerce, Gaming, Banking etc. TV cables will get vanished and we would be using Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, Zee5 etc to watch things. You know what, there’s one more thing that excites me a lot. But very people talk about it. Do you know according to World Travel and Tourism Council, India is world’s 7th Biggest Tourism Economy. In 2019, India generated revenue of more than 3 Billion Dollars i.e. 20,000 Crore Rupees from Tourism itself. And in upcoming times, as technology will be added to tourism, this numbers will jump more high. Our Nation – India is on world’s 24% Land Mass only but In our country there are high mountains, hot deserts, dense forests and spotlight beaches.

That means there is significance of every culture in our country. And this thing will help tourism a lot. Gulf countries are beautiful as well as rich but they won’t be able to do this if they didn’t had oil support. Most of the Middle East is built on its oil economy. But do you know India has one powerful advantage due to which many Western countries will be dependent on India? The thing is Renewable Energy. In the upcoming time India is going to become the powerhouse of Renewable Energy. This will happen b’coz India has these 2 things – 1) Land.

In India, there’s more landmass. So India is able to set up solar and hydropower plants easily. 2) Outstanding Geographical Advantages So India’s 60% area comes between Tropic of Cancer and Equator. And due to this our country can easily harness solar energy. As western countries don’t have this advantage, so in future these countries will be dependent on India for Renewable Energy. Our Nation is changing. And I strongly believe that India will change such that every country will get inspired by India. Today India is 10th in Global Patents, 3rd in Pharma manufacturing, and 4th in Military Power.

And I am very very proud of it. This video was for you, me and our Nation. And yes, this thing is 100% true – Health is Wealth. So you can check out Aarogya’s HealthCare plan. The Link is in the Description. BTW do you know about an investment opportunity in which risk is less but returns are high? If you want to know about this opportunity, do watch the right-side video…

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