Subway – Not Starbucks Or McDonald’s – Has The Most Locations

Which fast-food restaurant do you think has the most locations worldwide McDonald's Matt donuts McDonald's McDonald's McDonald's McDonald's it's not actually McDonald's subway yeah at Subway how'd you know disgust is low yep there are loads as of 2017 McDonald's has 37 thousand 241 locations and coffee favorite Starbucks has 27,000 339.

Locations worldwide but both are beaten out by the world's most popular sandwich maker subway subway founders Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck opened the first store in 1965 the chain grew to 30 3959 locations worldwide in 2010 surpassing mcdonald's it's up to nearly 44,000 today so how is it that subway beats even McDonald's by nearly 7,000 locations it's partly.

Because it's much cheaper to start the average cost of opening a subway franchise in 2018 is a hundred and forty seven thousand to three hundred and twenty-one thousand dollars compare that to McDonald's starting cost of one to two point two million dollars subway staffers don't have to cook anything so they require less costly training.

Insurance and pricey kitchen appliances combined that relatively small starting cost with a years-long aggressive marketing campaign that successfully pitched subway as a healthy alternative to other fast food and the sandwich shop became a lunchtime juggernaut but Subway's omnipresence can't hide a major flaw it lags far behind its competitors.

In actual sales it consistently falls far behind McDonald's and it lost second place to Starbucks in 2014 its sales have fallen every year since 2014 at a record four point four percent in 2017 those franchisees aren't making a lot of money I mean the average store makes something like 450,000 in sales a year and if you take out their 12 and a.

Half percent going to Subway that's really tough shortly after this slump began in 2015 the longtime face of Subway's marketing campaigns Jared Fogle was convicted and jailed for possessing child pornography and participating in child sex tourism the restaurant chain says spending ties with him after FBI agents in Indiana state police raided.

Fogle's home Tuesday Fogle spent 15 years as the face of Subway inextricably linking him to the sandwich makers brand he was sentenced to 15 and a half years in prison in 2015 and subway hasn't had a comparably successful marketing campaign since sales continued to fall and subway began closing stores over 350 in 2016.

Over 800 in 2017 and another 500 in 2018 so what's happening to the world's top sandwich chain one reason could be Subway's relative lack of innovation over the last few decades Starbucks and McDonald's spend millions to evolve along with changing consumer tastes since its founding McDonald's has consistently introduced new products.

Including McCafe coffee drinks and fresh beef patties for its quarter-pounder after a slight slump in sales in 2014 McDonald's introduced its popular all-day breakfast menu the company also updated its interior to be more sleek and modern and introduced table-service a mobile app and touchscreen ordering Starbucks for its part deliberately.

Cultivates a cozy coffeehouse atmosphere with design studios located around the globe to cater to a specific city or regions architectural tastes it also regularly introduces new products to entice customers like T's non-dairy milk alternatives and recently Starbucks reserve roastery z– new cafes featuring in-depth coffee experiences and food.

From the Italian bakery Vinci these ventures don't always work like Starbucks failed excursion into Australia but they show a pattern of experimentation that has led to massive increases in sales every year for the past few years but subway go into almost any subway in 2018 and it's atmosphere and food will seem.

Just the same as in the year 2000 or 1990 and that's because it is Wireless competitors evolve and new competitors arise subway stagnates they have built an amazing brand but what got you there is not the same as what's gonna take you into the future and I think that's what they realize in the summer of 2017 subway announced a rebranding campaign.

Called fresh forward it aimed to create smaller sleeker stores to entice younger customers with touchscreen ordering displays of fresh vegetables and USB charging cords but this rebranding hasn't come with the kind of menu overhaul some say it needs to keep pace with changing consumer tastes including calls for hormone free meats locally.

Sourced produce and gluten-free bread I went into a refresh subway the other day myself and I couldn't tell have been refreshed I haven't heard it's coming from the menu in that redesign it's in the four walls which is very different to me it's menu then four walls additionally subway recently announced.

The departure of CEO Suzanne Greco but some experts remain skeptical some new designs and fresh leadership might not reverse subway slump if the real problem is sluggish sales of the same old food that's just your product is boring in this day and age I don't see a bunch of young women in an office building say let's go downstairs.

At the subway and order through the sneeze guard there's not gonna do that until subway fixes that I think they're gonna continue struggleSubway - Not Starbucks Or McDonald's - Has The Most Locations

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