Sports Direct founder questioned over exploitation allegations

My cash lead the billionaire tycoon and then there's his workforce some of whom he's failed to pay even six pounds seventy an hour caelum high sell him cheap but behind the cheery humming there's been a scandal brewing about the culture of Sports Direct I really am NOT enjoying this.

And today came the admission do you accept that the company was effectively paying workers below the minimum minimum wage on that specific point for that specific bit of time yes some things have come as a bit of an unpleasant surprise yes could you tell the committee what those unpleasant surprises are first thing that I looked.

At was the bottling and that was that wasn't our best every day mr. Ashley is referring to his security checks at Sherbrooke that were adding so much time to staff working hours that they were effectively being paid six pound fifty an hour rather than the legal minimum of six pounds seventy the results of the undercover investigation have led to a.

Formal inquiry by HMRC confirmed for the first time by mr. Ashley today but it's not just pay union Unite today submitted an explosive dossier pack for details about a company culture full of bullying where work conditions were likened to that of a gulag these are conditions that are just unacceptable in 21st century Britain and if you don't stop it.

Here of course the problem that you get is that this then extends itself across the economy the root of the problem is the six strikes in your out policy on absenteeism it's a bigger asleep it's sickness and even taking time off to have a baby count against staff which has created a powder keg of pressure sparking an.

Unusually high level of accident reports at the Derbyshire Warehouse at the center of allegations there have been a hundred and ten ambulance call-outs in the last three and a half years 50 have been classified life-threatening five involve difficulties in pregnancy and in one case a woman gave birth in a toilet there will be things in a company that.

Size that do happen that shouldn't happen I didn't build Sportster exports direct film link you understand it's not having going out one day and you've got a tiny little inflatable and you're in control and the mixed wake up not morning and you're an oil tanker Mike Ashley stands accused of a zero-hours culture in fact one fifth of all zero.

Hours on the high street or through Sports Direct altogether seventy nine percent of his staff are employed on that basis with just two hundred people employed directly at his warehouse and three thousand through an agency and are reducing the percentage of staff on zero hours some of our top people have come from the zero contract employment oh.

That sounds positive would I think that is a reasonable thing that you're saying would I think sports direction be able to review that without me and at least make the easy first little step so is that a yes will there be a change in the makeup of full-time in zero hour contracts about sympathy but I'm not sure so that's a no then and he was also.

Pulled up on the company's draconian response to tardiness if you were a minute late you've got 15 minutes paper you asked me what I think I think it's unacceptable you asked me what I think I think it's unacceptable if I thought it was acceptable I wouldn't change it then there were the allegations about women being targeted sexually and the response.

Very much in the unique ashley style are you absolutely sure you can sit here and say those there's no what you'll call sexual than in the office harassment happening in sangs bruce it differences i think there probably is and sports direct therefore has to pull its socks up simple as that fellas so you're accepting them as lobby well a lot of.

It's gone to you yeah you've created a lot of well you've done something absolutely remarkable do you think your company is outgrown your ability to probably a long time ago quickly added to do that that's gonna guarantee we get a better income result so a family getaway right that will help with maybe the words I think yes even when he makes.

A mistake Ashley and master of playing the crowd he left Parliament having done the same with MPs to watch him is to be beguiled but for Sports Direct the problems haven't just disappeared with public scrutiny now zeroing in on the delivery of his promisesSports Direct founder questioned over exploitation allegations

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