Natsu and lucy fanfiction sex in New York

Upon the discovery that Natsu of all people had somehow gained free access to Lucy's extremely hot body, the remaining single male mages of Fairy Tail unite against the unfairness of it all. Her skin was so soft against his fingertips, and she smelled so good.

Coincidentally, Juvia is left alone for the day since her beloved Gray has requested just one day to himself. Immediately his jaws come down and he bites into her shoulder, letting out an animalistic roar.

natsu and lucy fanfiction sex in New York

He clenches his sharp teeth and looks away from her, shrugging. Note: If there's any scenario in your minds, I could make them into a one-shot. But Mirajane's big blue eyes weren't on the blonde key-bearer; instead they were locked onto their conjoined hands. Her body seized for a moment, her muscles tightening natsu and lucy fanfiction sex in New York painfully and then euphoria hit, spearing out from her core until every cell was lit up with pleasure.

Plunging his digits through her walls, curling at the just the right time to hit her sweet spot before starting all over again. Oh hey guys. Lucy had no choice but to obey.

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Both of their countries has been battling with each other since a long time, but now the Heartfilia royal family offered a peace treaty. I confessed to myself just a few minutes ago, and now I'm doing it again, but in the bath? At night, he sneaks out of the castle and tussles with commoners, unintentionally uncovering a plot that has put his family and his kingdom at risk.

But a dark twist emerges, which might change her life for the better or for the worse She is quiet.

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  • Hey, Nanatsu here! I hope you guys like Anime, because that is all I will write.
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If you don't like them, then don't read this. She cried out from the sweet pressure of being filled to the brim. As you may have noticed this is a harem fic and it will include just about every girl from the Fairy Tail universe as I can get! Cana smirked. Natsu could barely hold himself up anymore and so he laid himself down on top of Lucy, using her breasts as pillows.

Standing before the dragon slayer just as the day she had been born was Lucy Heartfilia, her smooth pale skin shining in the sunlight and her round hips calling to him like a bee to a flower.

Natsu and lucy fanfiction sex in New York

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  • "Oh and by the way " Natsu took Lucy by the waist and quickly kissed her *on the lips* in front of Derek "She's mine" Natsu finished. Lucy blushed "Natsu " Natsu let go of Lucy for a moment and picked Derek up by his shirt "Oh and before we go, If I ever and I mean ever see you around Lucy, Fairytail, or even in Fiore I'll burn you so Missing: New York. Natsu growled out and Lucy stared wide-eyed up back at him. "Ready?" His question was more of a statement, but Lucy eagerly nodded, and Natsu set himself up to enter her. His eyes met hers as he entered her gently causing them both to vocalize their pleasure. "God, Lucy " Natsu hissed out and set a pace; Lucy hands still held down above forumpro.infog: New York.
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  • Lucy uncrossed and crossed her legs for the tenth time in the past "You sure are enjoying your shake today. She just knew Natsu was laughing at her right now, but she didn't It hit her like a tsunami, bringing her to a new high. Natsu chuckled, in love with the sounds Lucy made when they had sex. Lucy looked around and saw the other girls nodding in agreement. "How was your evening? Do I have to destroy Natsu?" Erza asked casually.
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  • Cana is the new S class mage. Natsu asks Lucy to be his partner for the next trial. Going on an month mission to train. Coming back to the guild Natsu is hurt, feeling betrayed at hearing what his guild mates say about him. Or was it the usual comments? Slow progress to the betrayal, I want to show the growth in their training and relationship. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Fantasy - Lucy H., Natsu D. - Chapters: 7 - Words: 2, - Reviews: 97 - Favs: 66 - Follows: 84 - Updated: 8/29/ - Published: 8/11/ - id: + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand TightenMissing: New York.
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