Mixed school is better than single sex school in Bakersfield

Ok Read more. The teacher's residence, or teacherage, was often attached to the school, or very close by, so that a male teacher's wife and family were an integral part of the management and support system for the school. The information, pictures, and stories included in this site have been collected and sent to the project by researchers and historians from across America.

Davis George Flavel C. It is very well written and nicely presented.

At my high school, girls would rarely, if ever, put on makeup or fix their hair in any special way. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. This literature review highlights progressive theories of the role of gender composition in education put forward by educationists and social theorists.

As you can see, there are weighty arguments both in favor and against single-sex education. Even at an early age, communication between genders cause s excitement and lively interest.

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Znet, 25 October Social skills are also important in every day life so even if they DO have a better education they don't get to interact with the other gender. When students have an opportunity to learn in a same-gender environment, then there are typically fewer issues of intimidation and bullying.

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Related Content. This is truly an amazing written point of view! Some people think that the boy and girl students should be taught in separate schools, while others argue that the teaching boys and girls in mixed schools is better. Being able to communicate with the other sex, both in and out of the classroom, is crucial for preparing students for the professional world.

Aside from the other sex being a distraction, a drawback about a co-ed setting is that students are sometimes intimidated by the other sex and may be less comfortable participating in class discussions and activities. School portal.

Mixed school is better than single sex school in Bakersfield

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