How Pulse Candy Made 300 Crores In 2 Years ? | Pulse Candy Marketing Strategy | Business Case Study

How Pulse Candy Made 300 Crores In 2 Years ? | Pulse Candy Marketing Strategy | Business Case Study thumbnail

Many people still think that To do a business you need a unique or explosive idea. But could anyone think that from 1 Rs toffee you can make 300 Crs business? Pulse Candy – A candy that created a revolution in the candy market by its innovation. I know you would be thinking that Is innovation possible in Candy Market? Is it even possible? When Pulse candy entered the market, everything changed for the people eating toffee. With 100 Crs in 8 months and 300 Crs in 2 years, Pulse Candy shook the foundations of other brands.

The question is How Pulse Candy did it? And most importantly, what are those powerful Business Lessons, we can learn and implement in our business? This video is brought to you by KukuFM, about which we will talk later in this video. Pulse Candy is very tasty and its story is also very interesting. The story starts in 2013, when MangoBite, Kaccha MangoBite, and OrangeBite were ruling the market. In grocery stores or carts, everyone sold these toffees only. In this case, if you think to launch candy in the market, People will surely say you a Dumb. But this was not the case with Pulse Candy.

Pulse Candy was started by DS Group ( DharamPal SatyaPal Group ) which was established in 1929. And in 2013, DS Group decided to enter in Candy Market. But there was a big problem in market. The problem was – Variety Seeking Buying Behavior. In simple words, when you go to the market to buy simple products, you seek variety. You see how much variety of products you are getting. In any shop, if only 1-2 products are available then you will shift to a shop with more variety. But if we talk about candies then lots of variety of candies were available. But all the candies were available in sweet taste only.

And Pulse made this problem their strength. Pulse Candy was launched in market in 2015, And within 8 months after launching, this candy crossed 100 Crs sale. You would be thinking that the idea came in 2013 then why they waited till 2015 to launch? Well, the answer is hidden in DS Group's other products. Rajnigandha, Baba Elaichi, PassPass and Catch Masale – These are also DS Group products. And before launch of these products or before production of these products, Detailed market research is conducted. So DS Group can introduce a consumer fit product in market.

Did you know that to launch a mouth fresher – PassPass, DS Group 4 years of market research? And they did the same thing with Pulse Candy. In 2015, Parle MangoBite and Kaccha MangoBite had the highest market share. Seeing this, DS Group realized one thing that – Mango Candy is the thing that is consumed in every corner of India. And after this DS Group decided to make something using mangoes. In Rajasthan and Gujarat, there are many places where raw mango is sold by sprinkling salt and chilli on them. And everyone like them very much. After seeing this, DS Group got an idea to introduce this thing in toffee in powdered form.

The tiny masala found in Pulse Candy was inspired from here. After understanding Indian consumer's tastes and preferences, By adding tiny masala in a sweet candy, DS Group launched Pulse Candy. Candy was launched but How to sell it? To sell Pulse Candy, DS Group used its extensive distribution network. DS Group went to every cart, who kept their products and told them only 1 thing – If a smoker comes or if anyone asks you for toffee or chewing gum, Always give Pulse candy to them. And from the movement people started consuming Pulse Candy, they went crazy after it. In 2015, Neither Jio was launched nor people used Paytm.

So change was a very big problem. It was the habit of shopkeepers that if they had no change they used to give toffees. DS Group went to every shopkeeper and said that whenever you give toffee instead of change The toffee should be Pulse Candy. The taste of Pulse Candy was such that if someone ate it once, he wanted to eat it again. And due to this people used to buy whole boxes of Pulse Candy. But you know what, due to this a problem emerged for DS Group. The problem was Excessive Demand. The demand was so high in market that DS Group was unable to fulfill it.

DS Group only had 60% of stock, And due to this many shopkeepers started Black Marketing of Pulse Candy. They used to say Pulse Candy is Out of Stock and then sell it at higher prices. In India, Candy market was growing at the rate of 14%, On the other side, Pulse Candy's growth was increasing by 22% every year. You will get shocked to know but Pulse Candy is a copy of Kaccha MangoBite. The differentiator is only the spices. They changed an existing product a little bit and launched a new product in market. And this thing is a profit-making machine for them.

If your vision is big then you can make Crores of business from 1 Rs toffee-like Pulse Candy. Business is not big b'coz of its products but bcoz of the vision. And many things like this are mentioned in the book – The Magic of Thinking Big. I know reading a book is hard and time-consuming. Therefore you can listen this book's audio summary on KukuFM. So you can save your time as well as money. In fact, I also like The Art of Money Getting on KukuFM. B'coz this book will give you knowledge about money which a school or college can never give. And currently, KukuFM's Holi sale is going on.

Here by using HOLI50 copon code you can get KukuFM's yearly subscription for just 199Rs instead of 399Rs. Which is valid till 20th March. So why are you waiting, Link and Coupon Code both are present in the description box. The offer is limited and choice is yours. Alpenliebe, Eclairs and MangoBite, Inspite of having such big brands in market How Pulse Candy did sales of 300 Crs in just 2 years? So one of the biggest reason is – The Snowball Effect. Pulse Candy was first launched in small areas of Gujarat and Rajasthan, When people tasted it they liked it very much and they started to tell about it.

Slowly, the brand became so popular that the demand started outside Gujarat and Rajasthan. When people tasted Pulse Candy, they brought more candies. Then brought a box and then started telling about it to others which created a snowball effect. And slowly slowly, this thing increased. And demand for Pulse Candy started from every corner of India. And then DS Group went to all retailers and cart shop owners that Only sell Pulse Candy. And after this, they started social media marketing. And they did social media marketing through memes. And you all know when 1 meme is created other 10 are automatically created.

And time by time, Pulse Candy went viral. Easy to pronounce name, amazing taste, extensive distribution network, and with solid packaging Pulse Candy booked their place in the market. Pulse is an perfect example that How you can create an amazing product by slightly changing available products And with amazing marketing techniques how you can create a Million Dollar Company. Do you know, similar is the story of Vineeta Singh. Sugar Cosmetics – a brand about which no one knew before 3 years is Now beating big brands like Maybelline and Lakme.

The question is – What Vineeta Singh did that she created a 3000 Crs comapny within 5 years? To know watch the right side video…

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