How Khan Academy is Beating Byju’s & Unacademy In Ed-Tech Space ? | Khan Academy Business Case Study

How Khan Academy is Beating Byju's & Unacademy In Ed-Tech Space ? | Khan Academy Business Case Study thumbnail

In this world where People made Education a Business there are also some who believe – Education is Everyone’s Right. Sad but True. In spite of having world’s biggest EdTech companies like BYJU’S, Unacademy and Vedantu in India 50% kids of age 6-14 are not able to go to school. And 1/3rd from rest are unable to complete till their 8th Grade Education. The question is Why??? So there are 2 main reasons – 1) Parents.

In India, illiteracy is quite high. It’s decreasing but then also it’s quite high. Due to which many parents don’t think about sending their kids to school. If you go and see in rural areas, today also many parents send their kids to school for some time only. And then remove them from schools and puts them in some kind of employment. And what the child could do b’coz the family’s financial condition is so poor that If there are not 2-3 earning members the family would die from starvation. And 2nd reason is – Affordability In a country where poverty rate is 60%, quality education becomes a question.

In our country there are many government schools which provide free education to students. But majority kids are not able to study there. Why? B’coz there is no study environment there. And if you look at private schools, they made education a business If you are from rural area than it’s impossible for you to study in private school. In a country where in the name of career, many institutions are making money. There are also some people who believe – Education should be free for ALL. And with this brilliant idea, Salmaan Khan started – Khan Academy.

It provides free education to more than 9 Cr kids. The question is How a man with such a small idea created a big organization ? And after providing free education worldwide, How Khan Academy is making millions ? BTW from money I remember, which was your easiest way to earn money ? Many will say from research paper, by writing friend’s assignments And many will also say when relatives come home, we get money 😂. But have you ever invested in financial instruments without spending your money and earned money ? Let me tell you a interesting thing. Now you can earn not Rupees but Bitcoin by just shaking your phone.

I know, many would be thinking it a joke. But India’s leading and first bitcoin and blockchain platform – Unicoin, Allows you to earn Satoshi daily by shaking your phone. And that too without investing any money. I know many of you would not be knowing what Satoshi is? So let me tell you. When people think of buying Bitcoin, they think they need to buy 1 Bitcoin or Bitcoin in whole number. But let me tell you – To trade or invest in Bitcoin you don’t need to buy whole Bitcoin. You can buy or trade Bitcoin which is divisible upto 8 Decimals.

And Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin. So for example – Consider Bitcoin is of 27 lakhs. So 1000 Satoshi’s value would become 27 Rs. And you can earn this Satoshi daily by just following this 3 simple steps. 1) Sign Up on Unocoin. 2) Open the app everyday and shake your phone and you would earn Satoshis. Now I can’t you any other easy way than this to make money. When you will open Unocoin app you will find many features. Like 0% Processing fees on Bank deposits, Instant Deposits and Lifetime Referel bonuses.

And for traders there is diversified crypto basket also. Why are you waiting, Link in the Description. Make your account fast, shake and earn virtual assets. Today on Khan Academy, in more than 43 languages, 9 Cr+ students are learning for free. The question is how Khan Academy did this ? So the story starts in 2004. At that time no one had heard of online education and experiencing it was miles away. Khan Academy’s founder used to live in USA. After graduating from MIT, Harvard he used to work as a financial analytics in USA.

And once when his cousin came to him to study, he taught him very well. And seeing this many of his relatives started to send their kids to him to study. Khan Sir noticed that many students who came to him faced much difficulty in Maths. Maths of many students was very weak. And to solve this he started giving free maths tutions to kids. And after some time, 2007 came. Someone said to him, that you teach really well but some kids miss your class. And there are many kids who are unable to attend your classes. So why don’t you start video recording it.

Khan Sir liked the idea and uploaded his lecture recordings on YouTube. After some days, he noticed that many US kids have started watching his videos. And many kids had started to write their doubts and problems in comment section. And when this all was going on, Khan Sir identified a big market gap. The was that worldwide schools teach students but don’t focus on student’s queries. And to fill this gap, he left his job and made teaching a full time career. And after some time, Khan sir had lakhs of students. And as students increased, their requirements also increased and they demanded for other subjects also. Khan Sir also realized that he cannot teach all the subjects.

And now he needed a TEAM. And from here Khan Academy started. And as more teachers came in Khan Academy, number of students also increased. At one time when students used to learn only Maths on Khan Academy, Now they learnt Maths, Bio, Chemistry, Physics, Economics and even SAT preparations. Till 2012, Khan Academy crossed 20 Cr+ video views. And every month more than 60 Lakh new students visited their website. And today Khan Academy is taking more than 20,000 classes. This all didn’t just happened in one snap, they faced many problems but also found their solutions.

To improve their systems, Khan Academy made instructional videos for faculties. From this they used to come to know how Khan Academy’s platform works and how they can teach students in a systematic way. And many tools were also made for teachers, so they can easily deliver their lectures. And if they want to create study material, they don’t face any problem. And they could teach the students more easily. And due to this, Khan Academy on his YouTube channel with 13,000+ videos is delivering more than 430 Educational courses. And after Covid, Khan Academy’s growth went on next level . Before Covid, kids were consuming 35 Million min content. After Covid it grossed 3 times and became 85 Million min.

At today’s date where platforms like BYJU’S and Unacademy are promising to give world class education after paying 1000s of rupees. And at the same time, same education Khan Academy is providing free to the whole world. BYJU’S, Unacademy and Vedantu are world’s top EdTech companies but they didn’t found that problem’s solution which Khan Academy did. The problem was Access and Affordability. BYJU’S and Unacademy are very well but what about those students who are not able to afford it. And what about those kids who don’t have money to go to schools, who will teach them? Everyone is doing something for rich kids, But Khan Academy identified that many students don’t have money to study. And to fill this gap, Khan Academy is teaching 9 Cr+ students for free.

But the question is They don’t take any fees nor they have turned on ads on their YouTube channel. Then How Khan Academy earns money ? So the answer is Donation Support. Khan Academy get Crores of rupees donations. And the shocking news is that – Khan Academy never asked for this donations. John Doerr named person saw the initiative of free education and gave them $10,000 donation. And when he saw how Khan Academy used his money to teach more kids, he donated $100k more. And in 2010, Bill Gates openly said in public that ‘My Daughter use Khan Academy’. He also liked Salmaan Khan’s this initiative.

And with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he donated millions of dollars in Khan Academy. And till today, Khan Academy has got 400 Million dollars of funding. The question is who gave all this money ? So Khan Academy is funded by Tata, Google, Netflix founder – Reed Hastings, Elon Musk and also Bill and Melinda Gates. And due to this Khan Academy is able to give free education to 9 Cr+ kids worldwide without taking any money. Success or Failure – we get to learn something from both of them. World’s fastest growing startup whose evaluation reached upto $47 Billion, now that company is near to Bankruptcy. The question is what happened with this company? That after being the fastest growing startup, this company is a failure today.

You will know after watching right side video..

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