Dominos Pizza: A Slice Of Life (Channel 4 Documentary)

there's an American super brand that's now in over 800 UK locations and Counting it takes 48 million orders a year in the UK processing to every second but it's a company trying to compete in a 30 billion pound UK takeaway market that's reaching saturation points we have to go to space.

To do it by golly we'll go to space so it takes a special kind of dedication to succeed this isn't just a job for me or a livelihood this is life in its 30th anniversary year Domino's Pizza opens its doors to cameras for the very first time and we meet the workers willing to go to extraordinary lengths to deliver.

Food to your door on time in a company where it's possible to succeed if you live and breathe the brand and for some it's a life commitment if I hadn't found a job in Domino's I probably would have either been in jail why would they be dead I might as a [].

welcome to the world of dominoes dominoes first arrived on our shores in 1985 now it's the UK's largest pizza delivery company instilling its workforce with an almost religious fervor.

Somebody may look at us you know kind of say yeah is that kind of a cult break but we're not what we are is we're a little bit out there we're a little bit crazy when you've in that room and you've got like 2,000 people all chanting the same thing give you goose bumps on and you do join in with over 800 branches across the nation.

Large Texas barbecue no large meat lovers extra cheese bite the company has an army of over 25,000 team members the most dedicated of whom are known as dominoes dominoes yeah it's basically somebody that bleeds sauce the spit cheese they think Domino's pizza when they go home they think Domino's pizza when they wake up if you don't have that.

Mindset probably not a download twenty-seven-year-old Matt Taylor is a store manager from South Wales there's a lot of drawbacks were moving into tasty pizza place since I started working in Domino's just over eight years ago an hour on just under ten and a half stone and that is normalized I was genuine.

Follow on Pizza Rita yeah I was addicted a pizza for so long I'm not sick of eating I'm now I could be anyone right now as well as being a full-on pizza eater he's also a self-confessed dominated by few role I want to be cremated so the song I want does I'm going into the little death chamber I went the Domino's chant Wow Domino's.

Pizza have $1 on the go and I went almost flag draped over that's all I wanted man and it isn't just the brand that matt has a passion for he recently tied the knot with his area manager Emma at a company convention in Las Vegas for you we met the first week we started training here I asked her out when I was drunk very odd squads 12 lovely.

Relationship Matt and Emma want to take their relationship to its natural next step by buying their own store we complement each other in what we can do and their father I own the store we can play each other's strengths you do know you won't be my boss then we would be equals with 240.

Tons of cheese and 124 tons of tomato sauce passing through their stores each week speed is the difference between profit and loss in colchester there's a training camp that takes this efficiency to an extreme level changes we care for what you're doing there yeah the Eastern Regional team are a crack squad of pizza makers.

Yeah so again who are practicing their skills for the Domino's equivalent of the World Cup the fastest pizza making championships and go cheese cheese and mushrooms mushroom friends what's wrong nice skin let me beat them the aim of the competition is to make three high-quality pizzas as quickly as possible.

Ready Set begin I think in let me beat them head coach Kieran worked for the company in India moved here in 2006 and is now the UK's fourth fastest pizza maker lots of people know the technics they know they have the speed they have the skill but it's about on the main stage as well they need to hold their.

Nose and go cheese now wipe it wipe it off probably watch it be wrong for competitors who can't hold their nerve there is the ultimate fear I'm just having the wave an issue that pepperoni damn Irish I'm hoping straights for short even the dreaded pepperoni shakes shaky hands I mean they can't place the pepperoni properly and risk.

Disqualification when you try to pull it off on your hands it doesn't come so if you take three four or five six pepperoni it's so easy to spray for the next six weeks these regional training camps would be vital if anyone from the team is to stand a chance against their fiercest rival 26 year old store manager.

Zagros Jeff as 16 he left a war-torn Iraq and moved to the UK first one in this country I'd initially didn't have any clue about the pizza I never eat it I never seen any before I didn't know how to make it anything like that a year after arriving here he stretched.

His first pizza and just three years after that he was crowned the fastest pizza maker in the country just mini we had our first baby and I want to do everything I can to make sure he's probably in the future as well but Zack Ross now has a serious technical problem that could thwart his ambitions because if one of the guys here is broken his.

Food oh I have no idea what spoodle is but I'm quite sure once we investigate it never look we can see if we can fix it for you every pizza maker in the company uses a specialist piece of equipment to add source to their dough you've got to make sure that you have a nice clean even coverage all the way around.

It's known as a spoodle a cross between a spoon and a ladle I have won the last three years the Ricoh fastest peas I make it with this Buddha let's have a look okay I can't guarantee I think but I'm quite happy to give it a go for you this photo I could compare as a third arm for me probably one be able to do.

We've welded both so it's for you I don't want to go on too much of the world off because it connects strength the fixed scoodles first test will be the fastest pizza-making heats in three weeks time if he wins so it would be nice to share some of the prize money as we've contributed to fixings to bringing the.

Fastest pizza-making competition to britain was the brainchild of american import and UK operations director scott mccloud fast on her feet not on the street scott started out delivering pizzas in college and worked his way to senior management by living the dominant philosophy our company is all about.

Energy enthusiasm kind of pushing that the energy to go to that next level first gear doesn't work second you've got to get to that fourth or fifth gear before you really qualify as a domino Scott is now trying to bring the American dream to over 800 UK branches slice by slice and today he's holding a meeting at Milton Keynes headquarters to.

Discuss the company's answer to the Oscars already get started on this the Domino's Awards so what we'll do is go through each one of these candidates then let's talk about what makes them special what makes them a lead the most prestigious award is for manager of the year so first one candidate a this person clearly just lives the brand.

They've actually married someone and within Domino's that's a Las Vegas rally candidate a is dominate Matt from clinically the manager of the Year award is something I absolutely want and I won't quit until I got it four large pizzas and two cookies yeah but that is something I will get not when will I will get it pizzas are.

Coming out perfect keep it up so candid to be again we are average a five-star is delivered those sales numbers that service performance but also improve profit candidate B is pizza ninja Zagros from Portsmouth I've done everything I can for last off master to become a manager of the year I think there's a lot more akanda in.

Domino's these people deserve it you know and there is always there's only gonna be one winner and that's the hardest thing to do back in clean effli store manager matt is only too aware that a head office will be paying close attention to his sales figures tonight George it's a big.

Make ty rugby's on our wheels are playing our fierce rivals which are England and hopefully we smash the granny organ with a town full of fans this is set to be the stores busiest night of the year bye guys tight there's a big night it's gonna be very very busy soothing I was not straightaway certain I was right.

When I was younger things are really bad and grew up in foster care I was putting the foster care at the age of 8 years old and you're on slapping jammers gonna be next to some pizzas not good enough maid she's chucking them back to you sought them out you get him good enough right I've pretty much failed everything I've done in life Reese you're next to.

Gemma I want to see big things from your items abdominal so there's a crunch time for me like wolf this is like this is a real job you know I mean man you're on the end you only put things in the oven nobody else okay and they took me on they give me a chance okay excellent thank you guys.

Cheers at peak times large stores can churn out seven pizzas a minute come on straightaway and 70,000 pizzas an hour across the company its cover garlic dipping air please straight away yeah it's getting really busy now we've got to fold screens on a mere claim in order to be named manager of the Year match must hit strict quality targets.

But with all 15 drivers on the road piled up pizzas are in danger of going column the screen cause it's kind of right an order turning red means the delivery is late yeah I need a lot of drivers quick every Domino's store worldwide tries to get the pizza out of the door within 10.

Minutes and delivered within 30 minutes of an order being placed you can for being very easy takes seconds seconds and you're back to square one a disc Llanelli store manager of the Year nominee Matt Taylor is having his busiest night of the year got a full board of deliveries coming out so it's getting really busy at the.

Moment but with all of his drivers on the road pizzas aren't being delivered in time yeah orders are stocking up now finally a driver returns augments but he's been unable to find the delivery address his mom always check for mine I don't like doing double burgers on deliveries by sometimes we have to I can't mess this.

Up I need to make sure these deliveries go right delivering two orders at the same time can affect the pizza's temperature on arrival come on boys it's candies I get to on a case for him right to back them up you've got to be in the same area but when it gets really busy it's the only option.

Yeah I get it now slowly thinking jumped out on up one then one then that one and then he moved on to B's right Matt strategy seems to be paying off and there's good news for the team all right guys I'm gonna congratulate you all you've just smashed a record hour so I'm gonna clap for everybody.

Absolutely smash that we had zero complaints zero that's north that's under one keep it up guys I was awesome the record we smashed was I'm sealed in one hour I mean obliterated a ripped it a new one tufted and nice for bed so long cheerio have a good one gone absolutely gone.

The company's HQ is in Milton Kings where every pizza is born since opening in 1985 the company has made enough pizzas in the UK to stretch around the world 20 times and this factory produces nine tons of dough an hour.

Pepperoni passion is the most popular of the 18 pizzas on the current menu but the company's answer to Willy Wonka development manager Emilia Parker has the job of creating the next gastronomic hit so about to launch a new exciting Pizza great tasting piece hopefully well I'm not hopefully we know it's great tasting what do you think this do you.

Think the 40 bits look okay yeah I think I has enough on there her latest creation is the new chicken tikka Pizza a hybrid of two of the nation's favorite takeaways and the result of 18 months of development people will be very surprised at the amount that we have to think about to create a pizza you know I could just quickly make something up and.

Put a couple of mushrooms on it but do you ever have a chicken tikka with mushrooms in it probably not it looks great it's gonna be marked it's brilliantly so I'm pretty confident about it the tikka Pizza ingredients will now be shipped out for a test run in stores.

Around the country every Domino's store runs as an individual franchisee allowing each of its owners known as franchisees to use its trademark and sell its products technically anyone can become a franchisee provided they can raise 280,000 pounds to buy their own store that is about two years time I shouldn't be getting the American Dreams.

A Domino's Pizza you know that it lives and breezes you can start off at any level and grow within the company Eddie L Lamar from London is one of the company's most successful franchisees and at the age of 32 owns nine stores some franchisees own over 100 stores and have done very well for themselves could anyone become millionaire at Domino's.

Look I've done well so I can't complain and I believe I believe in people so I'd have to say yes Eddie was 16 years old when he began as a driver when I started it was on a 50cc moped which is an automatic they don't make him anymore the ones that we used to use for delivery but just four years later he convinced his parents to remortgage.

Their house to buy him his first store being a Domino's Pizza franchisee you know there's great perks you can hire whoever you want so I hired one of the most sexiest you know PAS so this is a my personal assistant and there are married and how many take him so this is my wife you can't build a company you can't.

Build you know a viable business if people don't have integrity you know so you know this is you know it's not number one it's not number two it's not number three it's definitely number one and everything kind of starts from there Eddie is about to open his tenth branch welcome to our quarterly medium.

Obviously everyone knows we've got the new park gate store opening up you know we're mega excited about that you hear stories you know from rags to riches and and I think they're important because it kind of gives you know people belief that it is possible and you know I'm definitely one of them stories in the gladiatorial arena of Milton Kings.

There's another group of dominoes looking for their moment in the spotlight welcome to England's fastest pizza maker 2015 today pizza athletes from across the country have gathered to compete for a place in the grand finals I'll be judging your docking you're stretching.

Your placement and then you're sourcing and they will pass over to Simon who's going to monitor your cheesing portioning and itemizing okay there's real prestige to winning this competition and naturally the guys want to go out of here with their heads held high for the competition winner there is a 500 pound prize up for grabs.

Ready Set begin begin begin and entry into the European Championships what the energy we want excitement we want everything these guys are given next up it's raining UK champion and manager of the Year candidates across chaff and even he was feeling the pressure of the big occasion everything is possible I mean I was talking about a second anyone.

Could go through a smallest mistake it could knock you out in a competition with who spread the mushrooms 54 put in all the efforts in the hospital it's definitely paid off hopefully Zagros has taken a commanding lead but the day is far from over.

Zagros his closest rivals are all from the Eastern Regional elite team we take it very seriously it's something that we're very passionate though we don't have a competition we wanna win I think there's every chance that course could be knocked out today and that's what we're gonna go forward.

40 new Domino's stores opened across the UK last year and franchisee Eddie has recently purchased his tenth branch in Rotherham and in just two days time it's his grand opening hey Todd how's the hiring and new staff members getting on TAS Osman arrived in the UK from Pakistan on a university scholarship.

When he was 20 years old I don't mind them they called me like Tasmanian devils like sometimes but you have to be debated serious bit like and sometimes with mood like love joke he started as a part-time driver worked his way up the company and now london-based Eddy is trusting tasks to manage his new Yorkshire store it's quite a lot of.

Pressure on me because uh obvious grand opening and as we doing first time in this company every year the company's drivers travel over 13 million miles across the UK hi mrs. an hi my name is Todd's how are you today are you gay yeah great have a lovely day and Taz needs to employ a team of 16.

Willing to drive the extra mile for his big night my dream is a businessman so hopefully the in 2016 I will be as a franchisee Domino's Tass hopes to find drivers with the same dedication to the company as himself my word thing in dominoes was a busy night Saturday I was involved and my partner.

She was in hospital and she gave birth to my daughter so I missed that time because of that busy night I was telling job do you have for the UK drive yes have a [] idea points on there yes I have with you how many points are my nine points but it's not just house feeling the strain in the kitchen twenty-three-year-old assistant manager.

Hannah is having a nightmare with a side order of disaster I don't know what's happened it's just decided to quit on us the day before the grand opening I don't eat pizza now I don't like pizza I like making it I just don't like eating it obviously we've got this like 100 free pizzas giveaway and then all these offers on.

Top of that we need the oven 85,000 pizzas are expected to be baked on this conveyor belt every year but at this rate they'll be zero pizzas for the grand opening just 24 hours away back in the Milton Keynes competition room Kieran's team and his full entourage are about to compete and the fastest pizza-making championship their.

Aim is to knock Lone Ranger Zagros out of the competition where they've got potential to win the competition basically hoping to cause the upset a volley zubi Amon and seasoned veteran Kira everyone wants to be a champion you know Ready Set begin for me it's my whole.

Life he's gonna be but has Kieran's team done enough to knock Zagros out 53 manager of the Year nominee Zagros has held on to his top spot by milliseconds and he will now face Kieran in the grand finals in.

Berlin phenomenal phenomenal job well done it's the day of the grand opening of the brand new store in Rotherham and the oven still isn't working at this moment in time we can't do any orders unfortunately and there's an extra topping of pressure because franchisee.

Eddie elomar is enroute with his area manager rim pal and Danny the Domino's mascot this is the biggest launch we've ever had but with Eddie just minutes away Hannah and Tazz have a breakthrough I fixed it I fixed it the big boxes are answer it's just going to be you know super.

Exciting we just want to make sure that we can handle the volume coming in you know we've got someone now just doing a bit of tidying up cleaning up just making sure that everything's you know gonna be ready for the day the grand opening is a chance for tasks to prove himself to the boss freak needs to be pull up yeah all right clean up all.

Around here all the dust all in letters and stuff like that terms we want everything spotless yet but no small detail gets past Eddie Eagle eyes why is this like this it's not like they're gonna be queuing for one minute they're gonna get their pizza and they're gonna go and they're not gonna close their eyes they're gonna be looking around and.

They're gonna see all the stuff it needs to be spotless do you know what I mean Domino sells over 76 million pizzas a year in the UK gets through enough tomato sauce to fill two Olympic swimming pools and slices 800 tons of pepperoni the equivalent of 80 double-decker London buses the company.

Opens an average of four new stores a month and in Rotherham it's just an hour until the grand opening of franchisee Eddie's tenth store anything that shouldn't be in its place that pen there I don't know if that should be there but nothing needs to be where it shouldn't be today's the big day this is what we've.

Been washing up to so this is really you know it's truly happening yeah that's perfect just keep an eye on it because that's fresh dough yeah okay beer franchisee it doesn't look stressful so you need the brains for that as well so what we want to do Ted is we wanna have aces in places right so you need to make a decision who you're.

Gonna have where and stop write down aces and places and write down the game plan yeah the store opening is Eddie's chance to win over new customers from his local competitors and he's looking for big profits to justify his six-figure investment let's be happy let's enjoy the rest of the day let's go the first hundred customers to arrive.

Get a free pizza and the mayor and Mayor s of Rotherham our guests of honor mr. met what's your favorite topic I think I think for today I think having cheese but before anyone goes inside and he wants to treat them to a bit of dominate culture just for two SEC's we're going to teach you the Domino's Shawn so I'm.

Going to say who are we and then everyone's going to say Domino's Pizza then I'm gonna say what are we and then you're gonna say number one so everyone ready.

I should have mentioned it it's three times at the end already thank you for the invitation and declare this Domino pizzas open the new chicken tikka Pizza ingredients have traveled 190 miles from Milton Keynes HQ to South Wales and Matt Taylor will be one of the first to trial them in his branch here is lads Devil's door.

Right then lads yes so hinge on what is chicken tikka in Welsh I think is qu r Tiki or the same everything just a translate on your bar gr we know hundreds of thousands of pounds are spent on the launch of each new piece of designs Chianti oh joy so specialist training is required to ensure perfection making sure individual.

Stores keep up standards is the job of excellence manager and fully paid-up dominoed Felicity Smith you know we are not insurance salesmen we are dominated sir people love us you guys will be right pins are on hand washed ready for action beautiful so it really is round the outside first and then do you middle.

with the team up to speed on the ticker technicalities it's now the bit they've been looking forward to have a really good try of it I'm going to ask you some questions asked with yeah it's not no it is sex on a beater the team now want to generate a buzz among potential customers so attempt to spice up the.

Lives of clinically residents in Rotherham there's a catchment area of 40,000 potential new customers for Eddie's new store and although his grand opening is in full swing Eddie needs to spread the word further franchisees do their own local marketing to drum up business and Eddie has a cunning strategy we'd like to do no ruffle it's.

To win one of three prizes what a beautiful mascot have you know I love him judged on a raffle you know he's got such a beautiful smile on his face but maybe we'd like to join a raffle you really can't put a price on that dominoes it's a tough gig for 16 year olds Josh and Jacob if I didn't earn a.

Job with my age then I'm still blazing out I won't ever get a job so I thought it's the best thing to do I think it's just hard to get work in general to be honest like a lot of people haven't got jobs at my age they're always skin too novel he's got morning pretty much well joined free ruffle mate that guy at the left was at the part with me yesterday.

But the local boys have a problem they're wearing the wrong colors nice Robert oh he's got blue oh no no no no no no but I've read on man I'm from that Ridge oh no no everyone sides think we're Millwall so let's get out it's a big day for manager of the Year nominee Matt I walked into one of the stores the other day and one of the bodies there.

Was Tammy outdoors it's not very good company it's just a pizza and it's not even a real job anyway and I absolutely blew my lid dominoes means hell of a lot it means more to me than what it would mean to most people this isn't just a job for me or a livelihood this is life he's got a trial promotion as a store auditor which could put him one step.

Closer to his dream of becoming a franchisee people are more tenderly happy to see Meeks they don't really like get in store was it today he's making a surprise inspection of a local branch hello my darling to make sure they measure up to head offices standards hey Darla so I'm just gonna get open but.

I have to and then I give you shout then I'm finished and then it's go through feedback and stuff right I'm a completely off the rails as a kid I mean drink in I used to fight all the time doing all sorts of things so that's an is that your personal money is it right okay if I hadn't found a job in Domino's I probably would have either.

Been in jail or I would have been dead and that is a fact in my opinion so go through some points right that's the driver side man he needs to change his trousers Frank's hot they're poor oh just give the top a white right these are the standards we expect if these dropping in those points that's it.

Dominoes had saved me the way I was going never fought one they'd have a wife and I know my own house more than million years in Rotherham it's been ten hours since the opening of the storm chicken pineapple and treat for his on screen table orders franchisee Eddie is headed back to London leaving Taz and his team alone to deal with the.

Dinnertime rush seventy percent of Domino's customers have their orders delivered to their homes so a shortage of drivers at his branch means pizzas are piling up twenty twenty-five deliveries on screens and tasks just can't afford to make a bad impression and lose a single customer to his rivals almost driver everyone is on road so.

Might be a ski jump on road helping out with deliveries is Taz's only option but it means leaving his store without a manager in Rotherham unemployment is almost 11 percent yet TAS still hasn't been able to fill all this driver positions see the most people here they just rely on benefits the benefit is a kind of you can say.

It's free money so while you two don't go and just work because they are perfect God make perfect they have working everything hands arms legs feeds eyes his team could process 400 pieces an hour so the quicker task can make the deliveries the quicker he can get back to managing his store thank you thanks a lot thank you yummy oh yeah sorry I'll.

Be back in five minutes left I never did a mistake oh my god I'm not perfect hundred person but I'm trying my best to keep my customer my employees happy you wanted that one yeah I can they give you that one as well if you want sorry so yeah sorry thanks a lot thank you I work from my bottom apart because I make pieces I make peace of like how I.

Make for myself how I make for my brother my mom I make for customer the same pieces and this sort of dedication will be needed to put Eddie's new store on the rather a map not the same every day nobody's some challenge along the way Domino's sell 1.4 million pizzas every.

Week and the UK's appetite for takeaway food shows no sign of slowing down today it's the most important event on any Dom annoyed calendar thousands of their employees have descended on Birmingham to attend the annual rally and award ceremony.

Proceedings kickoff with the final of the UK's fastest pizza making competition 26 year old reigning champion Zagros is going head-to-head against seasoned veteran Kieran backed by his huge support team you know that is the moment if something goes wrong you have to wait another year.

Our current UK and Ireland champion tough night women to be a world champion zagros Jack all my focus will be leaves me on the treadle everything else is out of my head ready only one man can be crowned victorious and gain the opportunity of further glory in the European and World Championships.

timers are you ready judges are you ready ready participants are you ready ready ready set begin get licensing nice and straight care of things yeah.

it's gone to the wire and with both finalists convinced they have won it's now in the hands of the judges to make the split decision has that gross retained his title or her skier and won it back for his team confirmed find out all right.

The 2015 winner for the UK ever Ireland fast pizza maker with a new personal best of 48 seconds flat Zagros has taken the trophy and the 500 pound prize money I'm feeling great to be honest with you I mean I can't describe all right to win the for fear and back to back I'm really happy really happy done something like.

This it's not disappointing you know it's it's a learning you know so definitely we're gonna try work hard for next year and we will try to get that it's been a dramatic final but there are bigger things to come someone will be taking home the prestigious manager of the Year award at.

The evening ceremony you ready you are a must having a nightmare tonight the hair hasn't gone right then I rubbed the blame for it again I don't know I'm not a hairdresser it's something I will look to meet me to a college course on a new fancier 27 year old Matt is one of the managers in the running for this year's title if I did win mandrill you'd mean.

Hell of a lot because to come from like thousands and thousands of other people from nothing but to actually go that extra mile and make something of myself it mean it means a lot to me personally right we ready Drock yeah let's get the show on the road yeah let's go win some awards but matt has stiff competition in the.

Form of the recently crowned fastest pizza makers Zagros try to win something just in my job basically properly the manager of the Year award is the defining moment of the Domino's calendar it's between the UK's fastest pizza maker and the man who lives and breathes the brand many of our manager of the years have gone on to become franchisees.

Themselves but it is it is the epitome of the awards for all of our people in our stores I've done everything I can for last off must you become a manager of the plus a fast pizza makeup if I haven't found a job in terminals things would have turned out really bad Domino's have made me who I am to be taking the price home this year is.

Domino's poster boys I've been working really hard obviously success can not be made without the.

Group of people behind the champion thank you I've been waiting for this moment for last 12-month worked really hard they in they're all really thinking about what I'm going to pick up next at this time when the next one is coming up you know I'm happy for the guy you wanted he made three pizzas forty second so you know.

Geez you don't do too often but I'm happy for the guy you want it so I'm guessing enough to clap me when I win the next year the tribe next arm for authentic and intimates you're about to meet the most charismatic and cantankerous family in Ethiopia living proof that wherever you.

Go in the world teenagers are Provost RobbyDominos Pizza: A Slice Of Life (Channel 4 Documentary)

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