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Just given up working for someone else or big company isn't for everyone have you ever dreamt of working for yourself no boss telling you what to do and picking your own hours over the next few months I'll be meeting six young entrepreneurs who are trying to do things their own way colourful comfortable and almost half of start-up.

Businesses don't make it past third year just flap your arms maybe a little bit so do these guys have what it takes to succeed oh my god hi I'm John supernova I present on BBC Radio 1xtra and every week I speak to young entrepreneurs and creatives hearing their stories and finding out how and why they went it alone the number of 16 to 24 year olds.

Working for themselves has almost doubled since 2001 better technology means that people can now work from anywhere and at anytime as well as a radio presenter I also DJ run a record label and great club nights I want to speak to other entrepreneurs to find out why 9:00 to 5:00 isn't for them and how they're trying to make it work so I'm.

Traveling around the country to follow the journey of four businesses and the young entrepreneurs behind them the first person I've come to me is Keaton we've met before when you came on my radio show Keaton's a photographer he normally earns around 850 pounds for a shoot but he also sometimes works for free he's photographed artists like.

Storms the high DiCaprio when extras DJ's like psy and Anderson and me okay and he started out taking pictures of his mates in a South London skate park yeah survive it's kind of where the whole creative side for me kind of arose and kind of took place with with escape it's over it's very angular and you always want to get out.

The best angles so for me I've kind of adapted that all dive forward support raise yeah that's the one I like and you mention that and you dropped out of university personal issues so what what what happens yeah so last July and actually lost my mum so like for me was like the first sense of being alone and like being self-employed anyways you.

Feel very alone so it's just you but like I just using the energy that she she she gave over when she passed – just excel me forward and just achieve more and just get billboards as you can see them and just like just keep the keep pushing and keep striving I always want to be the best I always will do like great photos I always want to I.

Always want to make sure what I do is the best of my capabilities sometimes it does get a bit overwhelming and you you actually forget about your like your troubles and your personal life and then it just hit your ones knowing that you are perfectionist what some of the things that you really want to get better at organization.

I think definitely to organize myself with my time a little bit more I'm not just working for a company where I gonna do a nine-to-five I choose my hours so I have to really be controlled and push myself my next stop is Birmingham where I've come to meet fashion designer Mimi gold Mimi doesn't make any profit from her business everything she earns goes.

Back into buying more materials she pays the rent through other part-time jobs Mimi's brand has got a growing following on Instagram it's where she sells most of her street wear clothes Mimi started out on her own a few years ago but earlier this year business partner Joss came on board so how did it start them it was completely by accident.

I got fired so I started selling things because obviously I dropped out of uni and I was studying fashion design and I started making things and my friends are saying you know this is really cool you should try selling these pieces and then I did and then people more people wanted them and then they made a website and it just kind of it took me do you know I.

Mean it wasn't my idea to go oh I'm gonna start a fashion business it kind of pulled me along with it so what's the plan for the brand then to be honest all of that surface now I don't have to think about that I've gotta just oh I just must apply let's go so the master plan is to continue with what we're doing at the moment getting as many.

Gifts out to as many cool people as we can to get more people to recognize the brand and to get more people to buy because when you buy from us it means that we can then reinvest and reinvest and I can eat then she can eat I don't ever want this brand to be this amazing shiny perfect thing I always want me to be able to turn around and go.

Next week I want to put this out as a collection I always want to keep it not grass roots but real how do you keep it real whilst also making money next I'm heading north to Huddersfield to meet Adam at 21 he's my youngest entrepreneur he's facing some very different challenges inspired by his dad Adam started a digital signage company.

Earlier this year so I grew up helping the father who did traditional signage still vinyl acrylic all that kind of stuff he's always grown up saying don't do business even though he had his own business and it's sort of motivated me to actually prove everybody wrong and prove myself from sometimes as well what is the significance of this show one day.

I was walking into this daughter picked a pizza and it just softened whose refitting his claws and I thought to myself this is a perfect opportunity and it just happened it became my first digital signage order Adams got that added pressure of providing for his young family he's got to support his partner Annalise and.

Their rather sleepy Sunbeam being a young father you know has made me really be determined so every morning I wake up and I look at Dino think you know what today you're gonna get an order because you're gonna do it for your son and you're gonna grow your business so maybe in the future gonna pass it down to more of whatever you know so it's about.

Making life better for for us all Lucas Kiera Ivan was crowned the national Entrepreneur of the Year after pitching his business via Jones from Dragon's Den I cried I literally cried oh I didn't realize it like meant so much to me as well so it was really sweet like I thought wow all your hard work paid off.

And like it was nice to like see him get some recognition so I don't think many people believe that yeah I would actually turn into something absolutely fantastic many people Joe Adams spent most of his 5,000 pound prize money on his van so the pressure really is on to secure some sales from the city streets of hardest build to the country lanes of.

Stratford-upon-avon I'm me and Zoe and Jess the founders of Street food trucks trailer trash Zoe's full-time but Jess also has another job we thought it would be a really good idea to get into festivals with this trailer to get free ticket yeah they bought the caravan from an elderly woman for 750 pound and convert edit.

Themselves to save money it was big job but we quite recklessly did it as well there was something that we pulled out we cried we laughed more than we cry we've had terrible gigs that have been a complete washout and we've been stood in the rain for seven hours and we've served three portions well want to have a look inside.

Show me I wanted to know what aspects of the business do the girls need to improve one obviously we get a lot of work on social media but that becomes quite a full-time job to really nail that down so it would be good to get a bit of organisation in handling that so it seems to me the girls are lacking a bit of direction perhaps some help with.

Social media would help make their brand Clara all these guys are doing great but it seems they could all do with a bit of help so I've arranged for them to meet some of the top people in their industries Rankin is one of Britain's best-known photographers he shot pretty much every famous person imaginable including the Queen Arnie and Robert.

Downey jr. Rankin's also a huge inspiration to Keaton are you doing on your right okay Jason so tell me about it yeah tell Ivaldi 23-month this time I'm a cool let me see what Keaton's been experimenting with 3d images which is keen for ranking to see this 3d thing a lot of people trying to do that and.

Interesting it by moving you camera that's really good and that's good as well thank you this is great this is such a good portfolio for anything see a lot of people say don't do freebies but I really disagree my also dysphoria I think you should be doing as many freebies as you can because I would say a day a day where you're not shooting.

Until you said you could be shooting and all those favors always have like seeds that you plant and they come back try and sit outside your comfort zone try and do music there's not necessarily your kind of like favorite favorite but stuff that you know that it might have a bit more money you know that if you do a top 10 you know pop apps they're gonna.

Have a little bit more money more so than of crime artists so and that means if you can get a couple of those you can you can do the stuff that you want you can do a review on it good luck thank you so much you're gonna do well thank you I'm very impressed thank you so much it's just crazy like I camera did this just a man with a camera.

Built and like his own little Empire for him to say that I need to push forward with like surfing's like the moving images just kind of it's like the green tick of approval that I should just actually do it and keep going fashion design has been an O me or one of Britain's leading sustainable fashion brands they dress Lady Gaga beyoncé and.

Even Michelle Obama Mimi and Joss to meet only as the Eco brand gets ready for London Fashion Week so let's see some of your stuff this is from the summer stuff that we did it was just spandex when they came in sort of rainbow colors in very simple shapes so like tiny little tops and then the really popular this summer actually was.

The cycle shorts where are you off pitching yourself there it's closer to a high street price point now that I want it to be business well that is a business that I live off and she lives off we've got to think about the profit of it so it's the high street is a very very saturated mark yeah it's it's beyond saturate that you may not fall in.

A high street price point the reason why the high street price point works is because it's on a massive massive scale yeah so you're sitting yourself in that price bracket when you don't have that capability of doing one exercise maybe what you should do when you go back is draw a cross so get a big piece of paper put it up against the wall and you put.

The luxury market so you put luxury and then you put High Street then you put designer and then you put a high street and what you do you stop plotting every brand that you think is your competition and where they sit once you plot it all that brand I want you to find a spot that is empty yeah then you can sit in comfortably and that's your USP it's.

Just clicked into place in my mind is you're talking about having something that's tangible and visual because we do do most of the things that you're talking about what we don't base now you know that we do need to really sit down and have it would you have a business yet so maybe the next week what you need to do is plot and do a business.

Plan definitely the planning thing I'm really bad at planning and I know it is crucial but I'm just like she's gonna do it no we definitely need we need to do at least plan yeah Zambian chess mean one of their food heroes chef an award-winning writer dizzy a skilled she runs our own.

Restaurant and has written loads of cookbooks so it's a food because first and foremost any food business that should be your key intro so like what would though we would say it's like the food the drink and a good time so we're we're really aware of like the food being a massive part but also the environment and the setting and the.

Ambiance dishes tell me some dishes okay so on our street food menu we normally do a classic food bad burger but was really top quality ingredients were drunk so you don't have to feel too bad about eating wet is the way forward it's what we all want can I ask you something rude are you making money we are making money yeah I.

Mean we spend money also yeah we're always like we've worked so hard we should get some flights by beat them you need to think of packages penn DS stag dues you know weddings you know i'm sure you've got that already but actually visualizing these things is really useful booze remember makes like i think i should.

Notice or took my hair tonight I think it's about like porpoise of every restaurant is so that's where that's where they make money the food and creative of what people go for their hands like people stay and we love these and it's so part of your brands so I would get very very acquainted with local businesses local.

Foods brands local pubs and you know tap into that sort of stuff so what gizzy really think of Zoe and Jess's business the thing I'd love to see them more about is their food the food these three we are a food business and actually it took me about three or four times to ask them to Philly actually spoke about food and even then I didn't really understand.

What food they are offering at 21 Adam may seem pretty young to be starting a business but his mental is even younger actually failure runs one of the fastest growing online estate agents in the UK doorsteps code at UK is worth 60 million pounds so I reckon he can give Adam a bit of advice on tech business what's your plan say for the next six months 12.

Months three is in five years where do you see yourself in each of those because that's really important step planning and at the moment it's just digital signage so it's just doing simple screens and controlling content people how many orders have we done so far of signs or restaurants right so at the moment I've only look people and.

What we have a couple and the odds that I have got a lot of that value each one may be coming out under a thousand pounds so all the money that you're making now in terms supporting a family is there any left to reinvest into business and it's not much made who does feel like that digital signage hasn't really taken off and so the customers.

That we're dealing with they they don't really want to spend a lot of money and do you have a website that's up yet at the moment I'm still developing a web sites and that need to definitely work on as a digital company people will see that as your shop front yeah I bear that in mind so especially if you're working from home your shop front is your.

Website so any whenever people look for credibility and people research into the brand they will need to see a website so I think the first thing I do that we did is get a website life get a really basic website you think it's horrible but just start off with something as long as you start you can then develop on it from there with.

Customer feedback and family friends and so on the next thing I'd say is is get some graphics on your van everywhere you drive there's hundreds if not thousands of people that will see that and that's eyes on your brand instantly it was really good it's great give me a teacher think he's fantastic in terms of the.

Long term goal he's got in mind and it's great that he's got ambition I think he needs to take the smaller steps to get there and I think he needs to understand what their specific smaller steps are and make sure he takes those steps to ensure that you can support your family more consistently and grow organically over time all these businesses summer is.

A key time to make some money so all the entrepreneurs take on the advice they've been given and put it into practice despite a heat wave for most of that the trailer-trash gals seem to found themselves in the middle of a storm as they try and prepare food for wedding in Oxfordshire and it's a bit of a write off at a car show tune we are coming to.

You from Mimi and joseline frantically preparing for Notting Hill Carnival just given up and gone home I guess we're gonna have life in a rich right I'm hoping that I will see some outfit that on carnival day in Notting Hill that would make muddy Adam is really pushing the cells and a secured a meeting with local businessman Eric Paxman I've.

Always thought about having something digital idiot window space that they've got already I think because it's more on capture and it's certainly more up to date we can put a lot more things on there well I this is what I've been jerking because you're right a lot easier how much does it cost.

Okay so what we'll do it we'll go downstairs yeah we'll see the different screen size that could offer and whether the most or bulk will give you a call and hopefully come to a deal perfect now I'd say this is the happy medium yes a forty three inch screen yeah now this is how it'll look it's slightly wider so I quote you for one screen yes.

And that's gonna cost you four four thousand five hundred oh my god it's an investment I'll have a think about it okay great I think it's a no it's better news for me me loads of people up in instagramming her clothes at carnival including my one extra girl Yasmin Evans but Keaton's organization isn't improving he missed the flight to.

Belfast of a day I supported at Ragan Beaumont in Belfast and he missed that flight Dover day he made it in the end though taking on what Rankin said he's doing his next job for free and in a world he's unfamiliar with fashion he's helping with the creative direction as well as photographing it so I'm doing the visual direction so lookbook.

Everything that's playing here I even helped design some of the clothes the person that's creating a brand I'm just making his vision come to life as as as perfect as it possibly can go it doesn't take too long though before things start to get a bit heated.

Kian pizzas cool though and they're all smiles at the end Nexus the world were next is bigger there are everything that's right everything is white four months in advance and things at it so it's just this is new for me I've never done something like this with this scale this is new Feud as your first show but.

Everywhere smiling everyone walks away clapping in every level we left the mincer inside your mind and that's what we wanted to do so the trailer-trash girls is the last event of the summer they are all cheesed up at the moment are they yes.

Foods super delicious really really great I love sweet potato fries just develop for mayor so much yummy I like I like that it's got young people doing it it is really nice that young people starting off for business I guess that make kind of makes me want to give them business and it's just like nice energy as well after we met give.

The actually we were like thinking I fell over doing the next couple of months haven't got any event so we're gonna we've got like a diary we've obviously got stuff fits in already like weddings and stuff like that so we're just gonna look at our diary and see where we have gaps and then sort of like she said think okay well that week would.

Be Fashion Week then we're gonna put things in with brands that we want to work with and like sort of contact people that we want to think that we want to do through satisfying selling out it's been a few months now since I met all the entrepreneurs don't want to catch up with them one last time in Birmingham mainly and just are trying to.

Get rid of the loss of their summer stock they've also taken owner's advice pretty seriously the best piece of advice that he kept saying to us was plan who needs a plan and we really truly have taken ya week that day we took a step back on the site but right 10 steps yeah yeah I'm glad that we met him like it has been it.

Was a probably a monumental but a really important day for us yeah we're just kind of cooking on the ideas that he kind of started started us outside into motion I suppose yeah and the only way for us to grow and for it to be achievable and sustainable as a brand so we can both leave without working us out of the bone is to take that step back.

And yeah it's a big conversation a business plan is a big conversation she's tweeting us and I'm creative and we're like wow my whole thing at the moment is working smarter not harder in terms of gifting we're gonna do it in a smarter way I think it's about also building relationships with these people anyone can DM a celebrity or a blogger.

And send something but there isn't anything worthwhile or long-lasting in it so it's it's a part of the working smarter things so we will be doing it but we're thinking a lot more carefully about it in the future so while Mimi and Joss are taking a step back from the brand Keaton is definitely pushing on it's a big job so for this.

Shoot this time Keaton's got two assistants so just pop by to see Kim rich in action he's working on a pretty big shoot and I want to find out we've been up to since he met Rankin this is a art work concept for Luke what some called bulldozers his new single coming out comes that we had was him riding a bull a bit in kind of a scenario that.

Make sense to him so we thought we should never see you never it's like rodeo desert then estates in the background just a straight up all just Stampede him through he's using a green screen and then he'll crate the image on Photoshop so when we hung out in the skate park you mentioned that one of your goals was to shoot a cover or a.

Billboard this isn't quite the cover of a magazine nearly there yes how does something like this sort of get you closer to that goal these are kind of skills I can bring over to being able to even creatively direct something like this visually will put me in a better position when I want a magazine shows because I can do.

Something crazy I can you sound wild doesn't have to be a simple studio backdrop but we're getting there cover art one day billboard the next magazine and every time we're gonna get there under the Senate so with this cover in the bag it looks like hitam could be on his way to a billboard soon one of the things gizzy picked up from.

The trailer-trash girls is that they didn't have a clear idea of what their brand is so has it changed an event where events we do we do the events for okay this give these gonna be very disappointed we're like this I have an idea like I have it in my head I just fun communicator.

Like we don't we need to have a flashcard yeah I think we've got all of the ideas but I think we need to separate them into different things don't blend it all I plan for next year I'll plan for next year we want to incorporate alcohol because starch it's a good so we're going to diversify and we're gonna have trailer trash food and.

Then at the cocktail with contact cocktails and just have that one up under private events umbrella and just come as a package send them out in Huddersfield Adams been going full DIY and set up a home office so I got my logo here I got my whole branding vinyl colors on point I'm into the geometric patterns and it just feels really fresh.

You know check it yes he's my business cards as well don't think I showed you before and what about his website website open really enough yes yes so it's basic for now but it's something to build upon I just got it out there and you know it's got all the main points and it's just a touch point but they're important things when I meet customers.

And the seen you face to face book the website I'm happy with the earliest you know generating sales which I'm happy about since I was last here the start of summer and sitting on your sofa downstairs and a cup of tea how many cells have you made from there nothing to this point now so the summer was.

Really really tough for me I hardly made any sales but in the last 3-4 weeks things have really looked up for me instead of running around on the street not gonna run them doors I've actually been sitting down researching targeting the people who really care about their science and technology and it's actually worked out.

For me in the past three to four weeks I've actually hitch gave me 11 credits that is so good to hear well done all the entrepreneurs have their ups and downs over the past few months summer 2018 we're done but what's clear to see that they're passionate about what they do you take a show that almost half startups fail in the first three years.

But for these businesses they're key to keep pushing on and keep doing it by themselves I'm in charge hereDIY Generation: Young Hustlers | Newsbeat Documentaries

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