Atypical sex chromosomes boys in Oxford

There were no differences when splitting the group with an SCT by trisomy. A study of four cases with Klinefelter Syndrome showing motile spermatozoa in their ejaculates. In Pyeritz, Reed E. XYY males. Categories : Syndromes Sex chromosome aneuploidies Rare syndromes.

Knox, Richard August 11, Language laterality was assessed using fTCD see our related paper for a full description of the procedure and data atypical sex chromosomes boys in Oxford. Eight research assistants and the senior author conducted assessments, scheduled in a single session lasting 2 to 3 hours.

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Experimentation with human beingspp. See Appendix S1 online supporting information for details of 1 software used in analysis and 2 data storage and availability. New York: Doubleday. None [3]. Does cerebral lateralization develop?

Brody, Jane E. Minneapolis: Burgess Pub.

These results are of interest to genetic counsellors who advise families when a trisomy is discovered. Google Scholar PubMed. Fertility in 47,XXY patients: assessment of biological paternity by deoxyribonucleic acid fingerprinting.

Atypical sex chromosomes boys in Oxford

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